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Perfect alone or paired with other window treatments like draperies and curtains.

Shades come in a variety of styles and materials. Window Decor & More offers an array of custom shades to fit any interior. Depending on the décor, privacy needs and lighting preference, choose from different patterns, textures and colors that can be customized to fit any window.


Whether roller or roman, shades fully retract into the headrail at the top of the window. This allows an abundance of light into the room and an unobstructed view.

Shades come in a variety of patterns, textures and colors and can be customized to fit any style. Add decoration by choosing features such as designer pulls and tassels, profiled fascias, fabric valances or motorization.

Light Control
Shades come in a range of light-filtering or blackout materials to allow the ideal amount of natural light and heat into your home. They are also the perfect solution when you want to retain the visibility of the outdoors, reduce inside glare and provide added UV protection for your indoor furnishings.

They can provide the same soft quality as curtains and the concise and controlled appearance of window blinds. For homeowners who might find a combination of window curtains and blinds too busy, shades provide a nice alternative as a single window treatment.


  • Reduces inside glare and provides UV protection for furniture and floors
  • Can be motorized for added convenience
  • Come in a variety of patterns, textures, colors and light filtering options
  • Compact in nature and allows for unobstructed views and light when raised
  • Provides a simple alternative to curtains and blinds

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Types of Shades

Highly Customizable

Roller Shades are available in solid, woven and pattern fabrics to match your taste in a variety of opacity levels from semi-opaque to opaque (blackout) to suit your privacy and light control needs. Decorative bottom trims options are available, including wood slats, decorative tapes and a variety of bottom hem shapes for a customized appearance.

Simple and Elegant

Roller shades streamline the look of any window treatment and offer a clean, uncluttered look. Their clean lines pair easily with draperies, fabric shades and top treatments for a layered look. When used alone, an optional cassette can be added to conceal the roller for a clean, finished look.


Adding motorization to roller shade increases its convenience and functionality. Windows that are hard to reach can now also benefit from lighting control and a splash of color. Motorized shades can even be remotely controlled from a central location for added convenience.

Appearance and Materials

With an array of styles and endless fabric options, Roman shades perfectly complement any décor, from traditional to contemporary. Choose a flat-folded style for orderly, neat lines, or a looped style for dramatic, billowing folds.

Thermal Performance

Roman shades are often made of heavier fabric to feature privacy and thermal performance.


Choose semi-sheer or translucent fabric for a light, elegant appearance or a heaver material for a more striking, luxurious look with near-complete room darkening privacy. Roman shades come with a simple control cord and a cord lock mechanism for easy manual control or they can be motorized.

Cellular or ‘honeycomb’ shades come in a wide array of colors and textures, pleats sizes and opacity levels – from sheer to opaque – to enhance any décor.


Cellular shades are perfect alone or paired with other window treatments. When you lift a cellular shades the shade fabric compresses against the small headrail into a compact stack at the top of your window, leaving you plenty of light and lots of view.

Complete Privacy

By choosing the versatile top-down/bottom-up feature, allows the shade to either be lifted up to the top of the window or lowered to the window sill. This allows streaming light into the room above the shade while enjoying complete privacy at the lower portion of the window.

Energy Efficient

Cellular shades are great insulators and are among the most energy efficient window treatments. Layers of air pockets, called honeycomb cells, keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Light Control

From semi-opaque light-filtering fabrics to light-blocking opaque fabrics, cellular shades offer a variety of light control options. These shades also block out the most light as compared to other window treatments.

Made from natural woods, reeds, bamboos and grasses, the rich textures and colors of woven wood shades add warmth, character and style to any interior.


Made almost entirely of renewable resources, tropical woven woods are a natural, eco-friendly product. Most woven wood shades are made with sustainably grown, easily renewable woods and grasses that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike hardwoods, reeds and grasses are harvested and regrown in short periods of time and make less of an impact on natural habitats.

Thermal Performance

Because they are natural materials, woven woods and grasses are inherently durable. Certain natural fibers, such as bamboo and hemp are renowned for their unexpected strength and dependability. Resistant to stretching and fading, these woods and grasses are perfectly suited for window treatments.

Light Control

Depending on the material, these shades provide different light blocking qualities. Without lining, woven wood shades transform sunlight through unique, handcrafted weave patterns to create a stunning design statement. For added privacy and light control they can be lined with a light-filtering or room-darkening backing.

Solar shades are the perfect solution when you want to retain the visibility of the outdoors, reduce inside glare and provide added UV protection for your indoor furnishings.

Energy Efficient

An incredibly energy-efficient window treatment, solar sun screens have unique light-diffusing characteristics that block UV rays, reduce glare, and protect furniture and art from fading. Because solar shades reduce the heat and glare from the sun, the indoor temperature is regulated and there is a reduced need for air conditioning.


Solar shades can either be fitted according to conventional window specifications or custom created to any window size or shape. They are available in an extensive selection of fabrics, colors, textures, and designer prints and come in a range of opacity levels, allowing you to choose the amount of natural light and heat allowed in your home.


Solar shades can be manually operated or motorized for added convenience.


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