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Custom draperies and curtains are the perfect solution for nearly any window

They enhance your view, reflect your individual style and instantly transform the mood of any room. Whether you need functional draperies that open and close for privacy and light control or stationary panels designed just for looks, the flowing fabrics and classic form of draperies lend warmth, charm and personality to any space.


With unlimited designs and options available, custom draperies and curtains can be simple, elegant, casual or formal depending on the unique combination of panel style, fabrics and embellishments you desire.

Custom drapes are tailor-made to perfectly fit your window and are a fantastic way to introduce color, pattern and texture to your space. The right hardware can also make the difference between drapes that work beautifully and those that are virtually non-functional.

Draperies and curtains can and will last a decade or more, and with proper care your custom window drapes can look fresh and new for many years while complementing your home’s unique style.

Light Control
They can control the light that comes into a room, offering climate control during all seasons. Draperies and curtains also provide sun protection for flooring, furniture, art work, etc.


  • Offer climate control keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Deliver energy savings by insulating windows and eliminating uncomfortable drafts
  • Provide sun protection for the flooring, art work, plants and furniture in a room
  • Offer privacy from prying eyes and give you a measure of security
  • Add style to any room and enhance the coordinated look with warmth and personality

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